Car Wheel Alignment Services in Thomastown and Melbourne

If you want to ensure your car is safe and performing at its best on the road, then regular wheel alignment checks are essential. Car wheel alignment involves modifying the car’s angles and suspension. It’s dangerous to drive on wheels that aren’t appropriately aligned since it can cause your automobile to veer off the road and collide with another vehicle.  Improperly aligned wheels can cause the treads on your tyres to wear out faster, and the pressure in your tyres to drop more quickly. This can lead to poor road performance and potentially rapid deflation.

Melbourne Auto Tech conducts a proper wheel alignment check to measure the angles of your car wheels and identify the issue before offering wheel alignment service. We utilise the best system to adjust wheels and achieve ideal alignment, ensuring the wheels are pointed in the correct direction. Our team strives to make you feel right at home in our ethical and friendly workplace and customer environment.

Wheel Alignment Services

As part of the sale of a vehicle, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) supply information on proper car alignment. Your vehicle’s steering reaction and driving direction can be maximised and maintained by frequently inspecting your vehicle’s wheels by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Indicators of a misaligned vehicle include:

  • Inconsistent or quick depreciation of tyre tread depth

  • Slowly deviating from the norm

  • Strolling along a flat, level path

  • The steering wheel emits a series of spokes during a straight and flat route.

  • At high speeds, the steering wheel vibrates

  • Seat or floorboard vibration at certain speeds

  • A tyre’s wear pattern can be scalloped or cupped

Best Wheel Alignment Specialist in Thomastown and Melbourne

Knowing which tyre best suits your needs is critical. Your tyres are essential to the operation of your vehicle, so you must have them checked up at least once a year. At Melbourne Auto Tech, tyre alignment and on-car wheel balancing in Melbourne are made simple, fast, and economical. Our team recognises the urgency of your situation and responds appropriately. Whether you drive Honda, Hyundai, or Fiat, we service all models. Being a reliable service provider, we provide you with the most up-to-date systems and services for your vehicle.

Vehicles that have faulty or loose front-end components will not have their wheels aligned. Before beginning the alignment, our wheel alignment specialists will inspect all of the moving parts and let you know of any issues. The professional technician discovers any rear tracking issues and compensates for the front ones on cars with adjustable rear alignment settings.

As soon as you’ve completed the wheel alignment, take a test drive on flat, straight roads to ensure the car moves straight ahead and that the steering wheel is positioned correctly so that the spokes are all level. If you notice any issues, return to the shop and get the alignment settings checked by a specialist.

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Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your car tyres in comparison to each other concerning the body. It is adjusted by altering the suspension of the vehicle to properly position the wheels. It is recommended that drivers get their vehicle checked after every 10000 km or at any time they feel that they are facing issues with their car. Melbourne Auto Tech utilises the ideal technologies and systems to accurately determine the measurement of adjustment that is required and apply it accordingly.

Wheel alignments are typically recommended every two to three years by your mechanic. After installing new tyres, it is common to have the vehicle’s wheels aligned.  If your car has wider tyres or is a sporty model like a Mazda 3, Nissan 370Z, etc, It is recommended that you have your alignment done more frequently.

Wheel alignments can be performed on new cars as well as old vehicles. If your new car’s wheel alignment is affected in any case, such as bumping into a big pothole, a gravel road, or colliding with another barrier, it will need a wheel alignment. Towing or hauling high weights may also require an alignment on a new vehicle, even if the car is brand new.

Wheel alignment is an incredibly important part of vehicle servicing, as it influences the vehicle’s handling and safety aspects. Additionally, having the correct alignment of your tyres also extends the life of your wheels. This way, you certainly get the best value for your money.