6 Car Towing Services Offered by Companies in Preston

Are you from Preston and find yourself or someone asking the question “What is the best place that can help me with towing near me?” then you do not need to look any further form Melbourne Auto Tech. Melbourne Auto tech offers the following 6 services: –

  • Car services:
    This involves crash situations where you might want your vehicle or bike has to be towed.
  • Trade Towing:
    This involves towing trade machinery or equipment to other locations or work areas. It is crucial for the company to have the appropriate two trucks and precise equipment.
  • Emergency Towing:
    This service provided by a 24×7 tow truck service includes situations where a vehicle needs to be towed as soon as possible. For instance, it is possible that someone is trapped underneath, or the vehicle is acting as an obstruction.

  • Clearway Towing:
    This service involves Interstate towing a vehicle that has overstayed its time allowance of a clearway zone.
  • Long distance towing:
    This service is for when you need to transport a vehicle to a new location be it across the city, state or even to another country.
  • Abandoned vehicle towing:
    This service is needed to tow a vehicle that someone has left on your property without warning or if you have a mishap on the road if you cannot remove your vehicle off a public road.

Benefits Of A Car Towing Service During An Emergency

There are many benefits of choosing Melbourne AutoTech as your car towing service. Some of them are as enlisted as follows: –